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Aquatic II

The Lagoon 440 is a boat designed primarily for family cruises. Its design in France by the 1st cruise catamaran manufacturer in the world: Bénéteau-Jeanneau, makes it one of the most reliable in its category.

The catamaran’s keyword could be user-friendly since it is highlighted throughout the boat: Square, cockpit, flybridge, cockpit, and the lounge at the front with a 360° view to admire the magnificent landscapes of Seychelles.

Once you have finished enjoying the great outdoors and the ocean, you will find the intimacy of your impressive cabin with its bathroom and toilets independent of the other passengers. During your Seychelles cruise, you will quickly switch from intimacy to conviviality.

For the less marine of us, know that by its shape and hulls, the boat always sails flat, without pitching or rolling… Goodbye, seasickness!

To sum up, you will love to nap on the comfortable trampoline, have an aperitif on the Flybridge, meet around the large cockpit table, etc.

Perfect for an exceptional holiday in Seychelles

This is the boat designed for the cruise!

Enjoy the pleasure of sailing flat and take full advantage of exceptional living spaces, both indoors and outdoors.


You will love taking a nap on the trampoline, having a drink on the flybridge, meeting all of you around the cockpit table, etc. You will sleep without pitching or bed at night, well sheltered in well-protected coves. A tropical paradise appears before your sails; welcome to La Digue, a magical and timeless Eden. Everything here is a postcard: Emerald or turquoise from afar, translucent from near, the ocean flirts all year round with 30 ° and hosts an incredible wealth of underwater and

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