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The Cataraman

Cruise With Skipper And Cook

Do you dream of taking a cruise and discovering the Seychelles? This beautiful Indian Ocean archipelago is famous for its beauty on land and sea. So to realise your dream, we offer you a private cruise with a Skipper in the islands of Seychelles. This will allow you to break the routine and better understand this beautiful region.

The Cataraman

Exploring Seychelles

Seychelles comprises around 115 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. And for a good reason, these islands have an exceptionally well-preserved natural heritage, beautiful beaches and a breathtaking diversity of fauna and flora. It is a true paradise for those who love discovery and adventure.

After all, isn't this your dream?

Last very important thing in case it was not clear enough: the boat is 100% privatized for you, and only you...