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The Seychelles

All Formalities for a Stay in Seychelles

Stay in Seychelles and its 115 heavenly islands await you in the heart of the Indian Ocean. The archipelago has a particular charm. Its beautiful beaches, protected natural sites hiding rare fauna and flora, and majestic forests are objects of curiosity. In addition, the Seychelles offers visitors several relaxation activities.

The Seychelles

To See and Discover in the Seychelles

The Seychelles archipelago is one of the Indian Ocean’s top destinations. It promises an exceptional stay for tourists and holidaymakers. Its greatest asset is its unspoiled nature in the sea and on land. In addition, there are many places to discover and things to do.

After all, isn't this your dream?

Last very important thing in case it was not clear enough: the boat is 100% privatized for you, and only you...